Monday, November 29, 2010


Sunday is a day of Homework! After woke up very late in the morning, took a quick bath as it too cold here right now, do laundry, clean up my lovely room and starts with the homework. I just can't resist myself from looking at facebook in between doing my homework! That's bad! Suddenly.....

Shut you F***ing bla bla bla!!!!!
you're F***ing bla bla bla!!!

*Jiran sebelah carut2 kat anak dia!!! bapak dia jerit cm nk terkeluar anak tekak !!! I just continue with my stuff.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Macam mana dengan aku??"

I try my best not to even think about this for now, since my degree is still my priority. But, its kind of instinct I guess for a man to think about it, marriage! Owh I'm writing this is not because my status for now have been change to "in a relationship". But as I said before, its a kind of instinct for a normal man. In the age of 19, I think its isn't possible for a guy to marry a woman not like 30 or 40 years back in the era of our mom and dad. Now is the era of globalization. It seems everyone care more about careers, collect money, having fun and etc. What I would like to point out here is that marriage has now turns into some kind of phenomena. Where if we like to discuss it in terms of economies, marriage has now become one of the luxury. Why am I saying this? Yeah, its simply because from what I've seen in youtube and people around me, everybody seems struggling to have most expensive and exclusive event for their ONLY marriage. For a man, it might be only or you can score a full house either. Hotel, fresh flowers, 7 dresses, catering, 3 days 3 nights event, honeymoon. Lists of things need to be think of. And of course it cost huge amount of money. The thing is, for now its not just the event itself must be grand and special but the "mas kahwin" and "duit hantaran" also need to be high! From what I've heard, if she qualified any degrees then it would not be less than 10,000MYR. Even if she got any certificate than we need to have at least 8,000MYR. That's only the basic costs excluded the goody bags costs, "mak andam" costs, and etc. I think for a really simple wedding, it might cost you more or less 25,000MYR. Now you'll start thinking, "yeah, I should save some amount of money for my wedding". But for some people, for the sake of love, you're willing to take loans and suffering monthly payment. That things are real for now. Maybe from what I've explained is only from the sight of low income people, but not for a guy which came from a richer family. They might have no problems with all this stuff since they have family that can support them. Its totally not wrong to have such a grand wedding as it might be the ONLY and often occur once in a life time. I just like to point out that marriage is now has turn into a kind of dilemma for certain people in certain class. And for that reason, I'm still single and looking for a girl who not only seek for wealth, but they care more about sincerity. I can't promise such a luxurious wedding but I hope one day I'll find true person and I'll promise her all my love. (Jiwang siket!) Till now I have this in my mind,"Macam mana dengan aku?"

"And one of His signs is that he created mates for you from yourselves that
you may find rest in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most
surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect". (Ar-Rum :21)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Other Side of a Coin~

Sometimes we can't easily put our judgement on things that we can only see. There might be something that actually good or might be beneficial behind the worse. Even though the appearance of something or somebody are not as good as what you expect, but it doesn't mean that they're bad. Just to put a simple example in the story below:

One day, a woman was doing a big clean-up in her house and her kids were helping. As one of her son rummaged through the boxes and bags suddenly he came across a knotted handkerchief with an old dark brown coin nestled inside. Then he said " can I play this with my cash register?" She took a look at the coin and immediately transported to another time back to 1991. " You can play with other coins but not with this one" she replied. This coin means a lot to me as it can't be compared with its monetary value.

Back in 1991, she spent about 5 months in an African country. Ravaged by a sandstorms and blistering heat. There are many things that she found very difficult to deal with, especially with all the beggars. Street urchins were continuously thrust their hands into your face asking for money. " cadeau! cadeau! (gift). After she finished her nursing there, she was moving out with her friend to a land of Burkina Faso. Its much better there, and even the coke taste better. Arriving there by a taxi, she began to unload their luggage. She brought one big luggage with a small day pack. Out of the darkness in the night, a motorcycle with two men approached slowly to them. Without any warning, one of the men grabbed her day pack and were out of sight, swallowed by the night.

The bag contains all her passport, money, traveller's cheques, airline tickets. She was in a big trouble as the nearest Australian consulate was in Ethiopia. She endured interrogations by the authorities with thinly veiled frustration. All she wanted was to leave that hellhole. One day she was walking along the street in Burkina Faso and an old woman was approaching with her hand into her face asking for cadeau! cadeau! "I'd had enough. I was sick and tire of this country, its poverty, corruptions, its thieves, heat an dust" she said to the old woman. "I have no money A thief stole all my money and now I can't get out of here. I can't give you anything". The old woman look at her face attentively and pondered her words. Then her face crumpled into a toothless grins as she reached into the folds of her dress.

"Then I'll give you cadeau" she said. Kindly she placed an old, dark brown into her palm. It was a minuscule amount of money but for this old woman it represented a meal. She felt the shame of affluence and the humility of charity. She had given me a disproportionate to anything that I had ever donated. "In the midst of her poverty, she was able to give me something priceless. With one small token, she turned her perceptions upside down.

taken from Reader's Digest -Cathay Watson.

Friday, November 19, 2010

WordS are SwordS

Life full of controversions. What are we seeing, what are we hearing and what are we talking sometimes noticeable. Perhaps we are actually realize, but tend to ignore it. Why? Its bring you happiness. Somehow the happiness drive you to do it again and again. When its come to what we saw and hear, it might be acceptable in a way that sometimes people's mind was blinded by positive thinking. But, how when it come to WORDS? Do you actually know, "words" sometimes hurts? Words are shaper than Swords! I do reflect myself, not just writing to condemn on people who are "bad mouths". Sincerely, sometimes what are we saying can actually hurts someone's feeling directly or even indirectly. I do agree with quote that saying " paku dulang paku serpih, kata orang dia lebih". I don't want to be such a hypocrite person, who only knows to say bad things about people, but as I said I'm writing this as a way to remind myself too. As human we're subject to take care of each other. When people are saying wrong, then approach them and tell them that its wrong. And I do really hope, other people might do the same to me. Its a kind of win win situation. Just to give some views, please don't even think that, if someone being condemn and yet they seems to have no reactions on you means that they are okay. You're actually promoting hates! Yeah its true at the early phase everything seems alright and it might be the best joke ever ! But please open your eyes, do understand that you're hurting their feelings! When I think about it, sometimes makes me felt so sad. I do imagine how it feels when others are talking bad about you, makes you as a source of jokes! The more we laugh, the more we hurt them. I do sincerely, want to ask for an apology from all that I knew. I might direct or indirectly hurts your feeling. Lets us remind ourselves to take care of what we do and we say. We might forget that our sins with Allah can be forgive by Allah Himself, but not the sins among us. Oh Allah, its my pleasure to thank You for reminding me and I would pleased that you always remind me. Oh Allah, give me your guidance and protect me from all evils. Protect me from all kind of slanders.

No sword bites so fiercly as an evil tongue.
Sir Philip Sidney

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is life~

Being a student oversea, life full of new experiences. How you tackle the life, it's depend on what you expect the life to be here. What is more important is actually the way you behave as Muslim. No matter what you face and where you have to be, do remember to practice Islam in the right way. It's you to lead your mind, and never make it vice versa.

Warwick is very nice place to be! Seriously! I'm not being sarcastic! I love the place, the people, the town. Maybe I'm the one who like to live in peace, no hectic life would be the best! Campus was small, reachable by footsteps, not as Leicester neither Nottingham! sorry if I'm wrong! A lot of Malaysian mostly doing TESL. What an advantages! A lot of open houses, programs, the way to live as family!

One and a half month being at Warwick, there're so many things happened. Diversity makes your life very colourful and ChEErFulL! Chance to watch " ijab and kabul" at Warwick prayer hall, was really unexpected! What a really great experience, meet your mate here and bonded together by marriage.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "A woman is normally sought as a wife for her wealth, beauty, nobility, or religiousness (adherence to Islam), but choose a religious woman and you will prosper. " (Muslim)

Being far away from family, never let me down to celebrate Eid-ul Adha. Maybe they're not your own flesh and blood, but indirectly they're your family here! Together we performed "takbir raya" and celebrated the day! No " rendang" and "ketupat" but the memories lies in your heart!

Despite of all the happiness, some of us might be in sadness! Be strong my brother, Syafiq Rasidi, who has lost his beloved father on the day we celebrate Eid-ul Adha. Who can ever guess but He know better than us. There might no other words to describe our love, but His love is greater than us. Al-Fatihah, and we always pray that your father will be in peace and live in a better place. InsyAllah!